The Schoolanthropy Luncheon

A school lunch that leaves you inspired.

This school lunch has no equal.

Neither does this foundation.

As the nonprofit fundraising partner for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the CMS Foundation harnesses the power of private investments to seed innovation and accelerate system-wide transformation in CMS. The Schoolanthropy Luncheon is our largest fundraising event of the year.

Sponsorship details for the 2019 Schoolanthropy Luncheon will be available soon. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, email us at

Be inspired.

Make an Impact.

Experience the best school lunch ever

Check out photos from the 2018 Schoolanthropy Luncheon


We’re developing a culture of “schoolanthropy” in our community. It’s more than just philanthropy, it’s a genuine spirit of support for our public schools. We invite you to become a schoolanthropist.